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Security Considerations for Cloud Computing - 1973 Words

Security Considerations for Cloud Computing Carlos Chandler Abstract Cloud computing is an emerging Information Technology (IT) model whereby a company utilizes a pay-per-use service for it computing needs rather than maintain a local data center run by its in-house IT department. By treating computing resources as a commodity or operating expense, it allows firms to focus less on IT and more on the core elements of the operations strategy. Because of advantages like this, its popularity has grown exponentially in recent years. However, cloud computing also has certain inherent risks in its present form. This paper seeks to understand the key advantages driving businesses to adopt this computing model in ever increasing numbers,†¦show more content†¦Lastly, cloud computing makes possible all kinds of operations innovations since the businesses computing resources are now accessed over the internet, and is thereby available to users anywhere that has internet access. Despite these advantages, cloud computing carries with it some inherent risks that need to be evaluated before a firm makes the decision to adopt this computing model. In order to eschew the in-house data center and IT department for a cloud-based solution, a business must hand over its most sensitive data to a third party service provider—this requirement carries with it major drawbacks, as we will see. A recently conducted survey of nearly 300 IT Experts done by the Journal of Computer Information Systems found the three primary concerns are loss governance, service availability, and information security (Dutta, Peng, amp; Choudhary, 2013). Loss of Governance One of the unavoidable risks in cloud computing is the loss of governance of the firm’s data. The business must hand over the processing of its most sensitive data to a third party service provider whose computers could be anywhere in the world. This means the oversight and enforcement of access controls to company data usually afforded by in-house IT departments is bypassed, as observed by researchers doing a case study of Swiss companies (Brender amp; Markov, 2013). As vendors seek locations where labor and electricity are at lower costs, data may beShow MoreRelatedThe Core Components Of Cloud Computing1344 Words   |  6 PagesCloud computing allows organizations in multiple sectors to maximize their resources. Individual consumers have already shifted their email and data storage to the cloud, as with web-based email and file sharing applications like Dropbox. Enterprise-level cloud computing presents additional benefits that allow companies of all sizes to remain flex ible in their use of IT services. Cloud-based computing also precludes heavy investment in initial technologies or proprietary systems, shifting to a pay-per-useRead MoreCloud Computing Security : Context Essay1504 Words   |  7 PagesCloud Computing Security Context Everyone has an opinion on what is cloud computing. It can be the ability to rent a server or a thousand servers. It can be the ability to rent a virtual server, load software on it, turn it on and off at will. It can be storing and securing large amounts of data that is accessible only by authorized applications and users. Cloud computing can be the ability to use applications on the Internet that store and protect data while providing a service anything includingRead MoreCloud Computing Technology On The Rise1076 Words   |  5 PagesThe trend of utilizing cloud computing technology in education is on the rise. However, with most technical applications there are always limitations, opportunities, and special considerations. Each of these will be examined in further detail below. Limitations of Pearson’s cloud computing include ownership, liability, and security. The ownership of files stored on clouds can be questioned. In the event a cloud computing company chooses to end their service, there isn’t much a customer can do. ThisRead MoreThe Goal Of Cloud Computing1194 Words   |  5 PagesINTRODUCTION Cloud computing is an internet based computing that depends on sharing computing with other resources rather than local servers or personal devices to handle applications. Cloud computing has fundamentally changed the way people view computing resources; rather than being an important capital consideration (Navavati, M., Colp, P., Aiello, B., Warefield, A. (2014)). Cloud computing offers many potential benefits to organizations by making information technology (IT) services availableRead MoreThe Benefits Of Using Cloud Computing1630 Words   |  7 PagesUsing Cloud Computing Abstract Cloud computing is a technology trend which is enabling and driving new markets in technology. Cloud computing refers to the idea of delivering personal (email, word processing, presentations, etc.) and business productivity applications (sales force automation, customer service, accounting, etc.) from centralized servers that share resources like storage, processing and bandwidth more efficiently by a cost factor of at least 5-10x. Cloud computingRead MoreCloud Computing Case Study1078 Words   |  5 PagesCloud computing is the collective use of remote servers to handle data, rather than having a local server/computer handling the data. Cloud services provide a lot of convenience to businesses and personal use, because it alleviates the need for costly personal servers/ server maintenance. The issue with implementing this into a business, however, is the dependence on another company’s servers. It also faces security issues such as: lack of direct, physical control over the servers the company usesRead MoreCloud Computing As A Viable Enterprise Technology Solution1344 Words   |  6 PagesCloud computing is steadily increasing as a viable enterprise technology solution. Information technology literature reports an expected boost in enterprise adoption of cloud computing in the next few years. Business plans to transition operations to cloud computing are also commonly reported. Despite these trends, there are many businesses that remain skeptical of the benefits of cloud computing and continue to support information systems in an on-site location. Careful planning and due diligenceRead MoreThe Banking Industry And Cloud Computing Essay1701 Words   |  7 PagesBanking Industry and Cloud Computing Banks are facing increased pressure to streamline their current processes and trim operating costs, while also responding to more demanding, digitally connected customers (Adams, 2012). Many banks are even looking at new technologies and IT delivery models such as cloud computing to help address these issues. Banks have many reasons to like the cloud, such as cost efficiency, standardization and consistency (Dragon, 2013). Banks are embracing the cloud more and moreRead MoreThe Evolution of the Computer to the Cloud Essay1722 Words   |  7 Pagesthe needs of sending secure data over the Internet is called cloud computing. With PCs, cloud computing has evolved to another level making it easier and simpler to use and provide others with secure information. One problem that is faced by cloud computing organization is the doubt of it keeping files secured. Security reasons are the main concern for cloud computing since everything is over the Internet. On the other hand, cloud computing is transforming problem solving. For example, thirty yearsRead MoreCloud Computing : An Issue Word And Examination Style Essay1175 Words   |  5 PagesCloud Computing: Cloud computing can be illustrated as an issue word and examination style. It is seen as one of the quickest developing portions in the processing business that will assume control and influence numerous or most parts of registering. Simply after this build-up it is not difficult to see that cloud computing can prompt various moral issues. The clearest one is security which can emerge as an issue when clients store individual information in mists and lose control of who has which

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Essay about Information about Financial Aid - 1063 Words

Financial Aid Financial aid is money in the form of loans, grants and employment that is available to a student to help pay the cost of attending. Financial aid comes from the federal government, which is the largest provider of aid, as well as state government, the school and a variety of other public and private sources. If you think your educational expenses are more than you and your family can afford, you should apply for financial aid using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You will need to apply for financial aid every year by completing a FAFSA. The FAFSA includes all the information necessary to determine your eligibility and must be completed if you want to be considered for any of the federal programs†¦show more content†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¢nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG) - This grant is available only to undergraduates having the greatest financial need. Awarded on a first-come first-served basis by the Office of Financial Aid until all federally allocated funds are awarded. †¢nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grant (OTAG) - OTAG is available to Oklahoma residents. Awards are made by the Oklahoma State Regents based on the information provided on the FAFSA. Recipients will receive an award notification from the Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grant Program. Early application, prior to April 15th is requested. For more information, please call the OTAG program directly at 405-234-4356. LOANS - borrowed money that has to be paid back over a period of time, after the student ceases to be less than a halftime student. Loans offered at: †¢nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Subsidized Stafford Loan - (Formerly Guaranteed Student Loan) Federal Stafford Loan funds are borrowed from a lending institution (e.g., a bank or credit union). Eligibility for this low interest loan is based on financial need. Students must be enrolled at least halftime to receive a loan. The borrower should check with the organization that holds the loan for the interest rate. Repayment begins six months after enrollment drops below half time. The federal government pays the interest on this subsidized loan while the student is in school or in deferment.Show MoreRelatedOverview (Salinas):. Kean University Is A Public University1694 Words   |  7 PagesOffice of Financial Aid. The Office of Financial Aid is devoted to offering different services and information to students attending Kean. Located on first floor of the Administration Building, The Office of Financial Aid is open Monday through Saturday and offers phone hours Monday through Friday. S tudents can schedule an appointment, where they will have a chance to sit and speak with a financial counselor. Students who attend Kean, can follow updates from The Office of Financial Aid through theirRead MoreApplicants With Questions982 Words   |  4 Pagesmultiple areas for students to find information to answer their questions or concerns. If the student had questions concerning what to do before applying to college, there was a section that had information on how to choose a career or school, budgeting, how to be financially responsible, and etc. (U. S. Department of Education, n.d.-d). Under this section, there was also a link for other help options (U. S. Department of Education, n.d.-d). This area provided information where the student could find additionalRead MoreSoftwares Used by Kean University’s Offices702 Words   |  3 PagesKean University’s offices of Financial Aid, Registrar, and Student Accounting. In interviewing Scott Martin, in the office of Computer and Information Services, our group has gained insight into what the department does and how, along wit h how the procedures could be improved. We also interviewed Mukesh Patel, who is in oversees information system operations for the Office of Financial Aid. The main purpose of this paper is to discuss how Kean has used information systems and databases to improveRead MoreThe Cost Of A Higher Education958 Words   |  4 Pages2015, p. A14). According to new reports, 27.3% of student loans are delinquent and that on average a student’s loan debts is roughly a little over $20,000. (Investor’s Business, 2015, p. A14). Block (2014) says that about 40% of loan borrowers had a balance less than $10,000 and that about 3.7% had balances that were over $100,000. Although these numbers can seem daunting and a little disconcerting, with the right knowledge and education, students can obtain their degrees and have minimal debt toRead MoreEssay on Marketing Research Example1738 Words   |  7 PagesJoBDeK Research will perform research to collect and compile data regarding the Blackhawk Technical College Financial Aid Department’s service and favorability among current students. Our goal is to answer the question â€Å"What are students’ attitudes towards the Financial Aid Department at Blackhawk Technical College?† We will be looking for satisfaction and dissatisfaction with the Financial Aid Department at Blackhawk Technical College. We at JoBDeK have started the marketing research process byRead MoreCollege Is Not For College1486 Words   |  6 Pagesfor their college education. Early exposure to college provides a practical solution to this problem. While ninth grade is typically viewed as a good time to start thinking about college, it would be more beneficial to students if they started before then in middle school. Students would receive information about financial aid and admissions. They would be able to plan which classes to take and activities to join in high school in order to obtain scholarships and admission. Completing these actionsRead MoreCollege Enrollment Versus College Students Essay1596 Words   |  7 Pagesvarious articles related to academic undermatching, we found a variety of reasons. In what follows, we will explore—in relation to underrepresented students—the way different methods of conducting research may affect data, how access to information about financial aid affects college selection, the role of college-going culture in high schools, and issues related to student autonomy in choosing which college to attend. Ultimately, we find that academic undermatching is a complex issue that needs a definitiveRead MoreAvoiding Using Student Loan932 Words   |  4 Pagesthe problem is not solely about going to either a cheaper or expensive college, it is about building an effective financial plan towards whatever kind of college you choose. Financial aid is available for this course, but accepting student loans should be generally avoided. I believe college students need to be aware of the abundant means available to pay for college aside utilizing student loan; college students should regard accepting student loan as a last financial resort. Many people would acceptRead MoreCredit Union Case Study748 Words   |  3 Pagessecurity is paramount in notifying the membership of current trending phishing and other cyber-attacks to help protect the members as well as our financial stature. These three messages that the potential member will spend less, save more, and be secure are the prominent messages found throughout the credit union’s outreaches. (About PSECU, n.d.) As financial organizations are beginning to offer similar offerings, PSECU can edge out banks and many credit unions through its reduced rates and fees dueRead MoreShould College Be Necessary For A Decent Job?968 Words   |  4 Pagesactually need by misinforming and neglecting important information the students and their families. (Asher) According to â€Å"Student Debt State Policies leave Families with Few Good Options,† students are commonly pressured into requesting student loans that they do not actually need by corporations in the way of leaving families with few other options for financing college tuition except by obtaining scholarships, grants, and other financial aid which they convince students is very difficult to receive

Effect van EPO Free Essays

string(88) " eerst in Europa Te krijgen was, 1987, zijn er vijf nederslandse wielrenners gestorven\." Inleiding Het hoofddoel new wave dot onderzoek is onderzoeken wat het consequence new wave EPO is op je sportprestaties. Dit zal worden onderzocht met behulp new wave een aantal deelvragen. Ten eerste zal Er worden gekeken naar het consequence new wave EPO op heated menselijk lichaam. We will write a custom essay sample on Effect van EPO or any similar topic only for you Order Now Ten tweede zal Er antwoord worden gegeven op hoe EPO je sportprestaties be amp ; iuml ; nvloed. En tot slot kijken we bij welke sporten EPO het meeste consequence heeft. Door het beantwoorden new wave deze vragen zal Er antwoord worden gegeven op de hoofdvraag ; Wat is heated consequence new wave EPO op je sportprestaties? Er wordt straks eerst een kleine uitleg gegeven over wat EPO nou eigenlijk is, en wat voor consequence EPO op je lichaam heeft. Vervolgens wordt Er uitgelegd wat de gevaren van EPO zijn en hoe ze in topsport de controle uitvoeren op het gebruik new wave EPO. Daarna zal Er uitgelegd worden hoe je op andere manieren ook hetzelfde consequence van cre A ; euml ; ren ALSs dat EPO op je lichaam heeft. In hoofdstuk 6 zal kort worden aangetoond digital audiotape Er verschillende soorten EPO zijn, van verschillende generaties. In heated laatste hoofdstuk zal Er worden gekeken bij welke sporten EPO nou het meest effectief is en zullen Er enkele voorbeelden new wave EPO gebruikers worden gegeven. Tot slot volgt Er een conclusie met heated antwoord op de deelvragen en de hoofdvraag. EPO EPO, ook wel Erytropo A ; euml ; tine of hematopoietine genoemd. is een hormoon digital audiotape in de nieren en lever wordt geproduceerd en dat de aanmaak van rode bloedcellen stimuleerd. EPO is een glycoprote A ; iuml ; Ne. Erytropo A ; euml ; tine wordt door het menselijke lichaam gemaakt, maar kan ook in laboratoria gefabriceerd worden, en is dan een vorm new wave rhEPO ( recombinante humane erytropo A ; euml ; tine ) bekend onder merknamen ALSs Eprex, Mircera etc. Menselijke nieren maken de stof ALSs reactie op een lage zuurstofspanning zoals bij anemie wordt gezien. Oorspronkelijk werd de stof dan ook gesynthetiseerd ALSs geneesmiddel voor mensen met niet goed functionerende nieren, die ondanks kunstnierbehandeling bijna allemaal bloedarmoede kregen door een gebrek aan epo. Door dot Te geven kon de bloedarmoede worden gecorrigeerd. Ook kankerpati A ; euml ; nten kunnen tijdens de chemokuur epo toegediend krijgen tegen bloedarmoede, dot is nodig omdat door de chemokuur rode bloedlichaampjes in het lichaam kapot worden gemaakt. Wat doet EPO? Bloed bestaat uit rode bloedcellen, witte bloedcellen, bloedplasma en nog enkele andere deeltjes. EPO stimuleert de aanmaak van rode bloedcellen en verhoogt heated totale bloedvolume ; EPO zorgt dus voor meer bloed in het lichaam. Rode bloedcellen zorgen voor het conveyance new wave zuurstof in het hele lichaam. Een rode bloedcel bevat bepaalde structuren, die hemoglobines worden genoemd. Deze structuren in de bloedcel binden zuurstof aan zich ( figuur 2 ) . Sporters met veel rode bloedcellen voorzien Hun spieren dus beter new wave zuurstof. Als je gaat sporten, wordt er door je spieren melkzuur gemaakt. Melkzuur wordt vooral aangemaakt onder anaerobe omstandigheden. Anaeroob betekent zonder zuurstof. De spieren zorgen dus voor energie om Te bewegen, zonder digital audiotape ze daarbij zuurstof gebruiken. Dit gebeurt alleen ALSs het bloed niet genoeg zuurstof kan vervoeren naar de spieren, want het is erg ongunstig. Een sporter kan hierdoor namelijk verzuren. Bij verzuring is heated gehalte melkzuur in de spieren zo hoog, digital audiotape je spieren eigenlijk niet meer willen bewegen. Dit kan leiden tot vermoeidheid en kramp. Spieren gaan dus alleen anaeroob werken ALSs het genuine moet. Een sporter dice EPO gebruikt, kan meer zuurstof vervoeren en zal dus minder snel verzuren dan een sporter dice geen EPO gebruikt. De spieren krijgen meer zuurstof aangeleverd en hoeven dus niet anaeroob Te werken. Als het totaal aan rode bloedcellen en heated totale bloedvolume stijgt, heeft dat ook enkele voordelen voor het lopen of fietsen new wave wedstrijden bij warm weer. Als je intensief beweegt terwijl het erg warm is, koelt het lichaam zichzelf af door meer bloed naar de oppervlakte van de huid Te laten gaan. Doordat het bloed meer aan de oppervlakte pimple, koelt heated sneller af dan digital audiotape het in heated dieper in het lichaam pimple. Dit bloed, aan de oppervlakte, gaat 10 koste new wave het bloed dat zuurstof naar de spieren moet vervoeren. Er is dus tekort bloed beschikbaar om de spieren van voldoende zuurstof Te voorzien. EPO zorgt ervoor digital audiotape het lichaam meer bloed tot zijn beschikking heeft, zodat de spieren, zelfs in de hitte, nog wel zuurstof krijgen. Een ander voordeel is dat er meer H2O in het lichaam is. Bloedplasma bestaat vooral uit H2O, en maakt deel uit new wave het bloed. Dus ALSs het bloedvolume groter is geworden door het gebruik new wave EPO, is ook de hoeveelheid H2O in het lichaam groter. De waterreserve, dice wordt gebruikt bij wedstrijden, is dus groter. Een sporter dice EPO gebruikt kan dus beter tegen de hitte dan een sporter dice niet gebruikt om twee redenen. De eerste is dat hij minder snel verzuurt doordat Er nog genoeg bloed is om zuurstof Te vervoeren. De tweede reden is dat hij meer H2O heeft in zijn lichaam en dus minder snel uitdroogt. Het consequence new wave EPO kan ongeveer drie maanden duren. Gevaren new wave EPO Als je meer vaste stof aan een oplossing toevoegt, wordt de oplossing dikker. Als er nu meer rode bloedcellen worden gemaakt ( een vaste stof ) , wordt het bloed ( oplossing ) dikker.Het bloed new wave een sporter dice EPO gebruikt wordt dus dikker. Het bloed moet door allerlei hele dunne aders in het lichaam, ook naar de hersenen en het Hart. Als het bloed nu heel dik is, kan het niet meer goed door de aderen stromen en hoopt het op. De gevolgen hiervan kunnen zeer ernstig zijn. De sporter kan een hartaanval krijgen of een beroerte en dood gaan. Dit is al een enkele keren gebeurd. In heated jaar digital audiotape EPO voor het eerst in Europa Te krijgen was, 1987, zijn er vijf nederslandse wielrenners gestorven. You read "Effect van EPO" in category "Essay examples" Ook in de rest new wave Europa zijn er doden gevallen. Als er sprake is van een hogere temperatuur ontstaat Er een ander gevaar. Als de sporter zweet verliest hij vocht waardoor het bloed N A ; oacute ; g dikker. Hierdoor wordt de kans op een hartaanval of beroerte voor de EPO gebruiker dus N A ; oacute ; g groter wordt. Als het erg warm is, verliest het lichaam veel H2O. Het bloed wordt dan peg dikker en het risico new wave een hartaanval of beroerte is dan zoals net ook Al genoemd nog groter. Hoe controleert work forces op heated gebruik new wave EPO? EPO lijkt ALSs twee druppels H2O op het echte hormoon.Het EPO-molecuul is exact hetzelfde aan het hormoon digital audiotape in de nieren wordt geproduceerd. Bij toediening new wave EPO aan een pati A ; euml ; nt treedt er dan ook geen afweerreactie op, omdat deze stof Al lichaamseigen is, er worden dus ook geen antistoffen tegen EPO gevormd en het medicijn heeft ook nauwelijks bijwerkingen. Bovendien is heated gebruik new wave EPO al na drie dagen niet meer Te achterhalen. Er zijn geen stoffen meer in de piss of in het bloed Te vinden. Het is dan ook ook erg moeilijk het gebruik Te controleren. Daarom heeft de Medische Commissie new wave het IOC, het Internationaal Olympisch Comite, iets anders bedacht om het gebruik tegen Te gaan. Er wordt een ‘gezondheidscontrole ‘ gedaan. Er wordt bij sporters voor de wedstrijd bloed afgenomen en daarvan bepaalt work forces het per centum rode bloedcellen. Bij een normaal persoon ligt het per centum rond de 42 % . Als heated per centum bij een sporter hoger is dan 50 % , mag hij om twee redenen niet starten. Ten eerste is heated gevaarlijk om met zo’n hoog per centum Te starten. Het risico new wave een hartaanval of beroerte is te groot. Ten tweede is heated zo ongewoon hoog, digital audiotape het zeer waarschijnlijk is dat de sporter EPO heeft gebruikt. Sommige sporters beweren dat ze new wave nature zo’n hoog per centum rode bloedcellen hebben en worden dus onterecht bestraft. In bovenstaande bron is te zien wat de samenstelling is van heated bloed new wave een normaal persoon. We zien dat het gemiddelde per centum rode bloedcellen ongeveer 43 % is. Als er na heated afnemen van heated bloed new wave een sporter blijkt digital audiotape het per centum rode bloedcellen hoger is dan 50 % , mag de sporter niet meer deelnemen aan de desbetreffende wedstrijd, en zal er een onderzoek worden gestart. Omdat ALSs het per centum rode bloedcellen boven de 50 % ligt dan is er een kans dat de sporter EPO heeft gebruikt, ook is heated gevaarlijk om Te starten. Een hoog per centum aan rode bloedcellen vergroot namelijk het risico op een hartaanval en een beroerte. Vele sporters protesteren hiertegen omdat een hoger per centum aan rode bloedcellen ook iets zijn wat bij Hun aangeboren is, maar ook door veel op hoogte Te trainen kan je je per centum rode bloedcellen verhogen. Dit maakt het beleid natuurlijk erg lastig. Vooral omdat het per centum rode bloedcellen ook dus op een andere manier kan stijgen. Een verboden middel ALSs EPO is dus niet verboden ALSs je er een beetje new wave gebruikt, terwijl een spoortje Anabole stero A ; iuml ; den Al voor een schorsing zorgt. Dit zorgt natuurlijk voor veel discussie in de sportwereld. Om toch de gezondheid new wave sporters in de gaten te houden is de gezondheidscontrole ingevoerd. Zolang er nog geen manier is gevonden om EPO gebruik aan Te tonen, is dit de enige manier om het gebruik proberen Te beperken. Vervangers van EPO Er zijn ook andere manieren om dezelfde effecten van EPO Te krijgen zonder de nadelen die eraan vastzitten. Zoals voorgenoemde, heated leven en trainen op een hoogte.Door de lagere hoeveelheid zuurstof in de lucht, stimuleert het lichaam de aanmaak van excess rode bloedcellen. Echter niet zoveel ALSs EPO digital audiotape doet en het bloed wordt ook niet dikker. Daarnaast worden de longen en het Hart sterker door het trainen op hoogte, ze moeten op hoogte namelijk harder werken om genoeg zuurstof Te blijven geven aan het lichaam om inspanning blijven te verrichten. Verschillende soorten EPO – Eerste generatie Ontwikkeld in 1977, werd uit urine gehaald. – Eerste generatie Ontwikkeld in 1977, werd uit urine gehaald. Twee generatie Deze discrepancy werd vanaf 1987 gebruikt, hieraan overleden vijf Nederlandse wielrenners. Deze variant werd met behulp new wave genetische technieken geproduceerd. Door deze genetische technieken kon EPO in grote hoeveelheden geproduceerd worden. Derde generatie Deze generatie kwam in 2007 op de markt, Cera. Het is de afkorting new wave â€Å" uninterrupted erythropoiesis receptor activator † . En is een middel digital audiotape wordt gebruikt ALSs geneesmiddel bij bloedarmoede of ter voorkoming new wave bloedarmoede bij kankerpati A ; euml ; nten tijdens de chemokuur Een voordel new wave dot middel is dat je het maar een keer in de drie A ; aacute ; vier weken hoeft Te gebruiken. Vierde generatie Er is een vierde generatie new wave EPO op komst, dot middel zou ontraceerbaar zijn. Het gaat hierbij om een vorm new wave gentherapie. In welke sporten wordt EPO het meest gebruikt? EPO wordt het meest gebruikt bij duursporten zoals wielrennen en marathonlopen. Voor sprinters heeft heated gebruiken new wave EPO geen nut omdat dice sowieso verzuren tijdens heated sporten. Dit gebeurt doordat zij in een zeer korte tijd zoveel inspanning leveren, de spieren hebben in A ; eacute ; A ; eacute ; n keer heel veel zuurstof nodig, hier kan het bloed ALSs het ware niet tegen transporteren. Het gebruik new wave EPO heeft dus weinig consequence voor sprinters omdat die Al onder anaerobe condities rennen. Sprinten is heel explosief, opeens hebben de spieren heel veel zuurstof nodig. Het bloed kan nooit zoveel zuurstof vervoeren. Ook niet met behulp new wave EPO. Voorbeelden new wave EPO gebruikers Ook aan de manus new wave deze voorbeelden zien we dat EPO voornamelijk wordt gebruikt bij duursporten. Conclusie Het hoofddoel new wave dot onderzoek was onderzoeken wat het consequence new wave EPO is op je sportprestaties. Dit werd onderzocht met behulp van de volgende deelvragen. Wat is heated consequence new wave EPO op heated menselijk lichaam Hoe EPO je sportprestaties be amp ; iuml ; nvloed. Welke sporten EPO het meeste consequence heeft. Het antwoord op de eerste vraag, Wat is heated consequence new wave EPO op heated menselijk lichaam? EPO is een hormoon digital audiotape de productie van rode bloedcellen in de lever en nieren stimuleert. Het zorgt er dus voor de je lichaam meer zuursof kan opnemen. De tweede vraag was hoe be amp ; iuml ; nvloed EPO je sportprestaties? Het is gegeven digital audiotapes een sporter dice EPO gebruikt, meer zuurstof kan vervoeren en zal dus minder snel verzuren dan een sporter dice geen EPO gebruikt. Het zorgt Er dus voor digital audiotape je het ALSs EPO gebruikende sporter langer vol kan houden dan de sporter dice geen EPO gebruikt. De laatste deelvraag was op welke sporten EPO het meeste consequence heeft. Het antwoord op deze vraag is bij duursporten, denk aan wielrennen en ski A ; euml ; n, zoals in de voorbeelden ook Te zien is. Bij sprinters heeft het geen consequence omdat sprinten heel explosief is, de spieren hebben op korte tijd heel veel zuurstof nodig. Het bloed kan nooit zoveel zuurstof vervoeren. Ook niet met behulp new wave EPO. Het antwoord op de hoofdvraag, Wat is heated consequence new wave EPO op je sportprestaties? Hangt dus ook af new wave wat voor soort athletics je beoefend. Als je een sprinter set zal EPO geen consequence hebben op je sportprestaties. Maar ALSs je een wielrenner of een andere duursporter set zal EPO wel degelijk consequence hebben op je sportprestaties. Je spieren zullen door het gebruik new wave EPO minder snel verzuren en zo zal je langer in staat zijn optimale inspanning te leveren. Maar je moet jezelf natuurlijk afvragen of winnen met heated gebruik new wave doping je wel voldoening brengt. Bronvermelding Wordlingo: hypertext transfer protocol: // # cite_note-Haroon_2003-1 Kennislink: hypertext transfer protocol: // Rice: hypertext transfer protocol: // Medical Footings: hypertext transfer protocol: // articlekey=7032 hypertext transfer protocol: // Kennislink: hypertext transfer protocol: // RTL: hypertext transfer protocol: // % 28/actueel/rtlnieuws/buitenland/ % 29/components/actueel/rtlnieuws/2007/ 05_mei/24/buitenland/0524_1330_wat_is_epo.xml How to cite Effect van EPO, Essay examples

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Since Im At Work Now, Ill Try To Type This Out With A Minimum Of Tears

Since I'm at work now, I'll try to type this out with a minimum of tears, although my heart is still aching. This morning I learned that Jerry Garcia passed away. Why should I care about a rock star who I don't even know? Why should I feel any pain? Why should I even take the time to write this? I have asked myself these questions. But I feel compelled, and the answer will lie in this letter. The unfortunate first words I heard about his death were from a jerk at work who was callously telling somebody on the phone, "Yeah, he probably died of a drug overdose or something." My mind went numb, knowing the sometimes joked-about day is here, for me, and for all who appreciated his music. To communicate just how much impact this passing has on my life, I think it's important to tell you that music has had an immense impact on me, and I think that it does on everybody - whether it be Garcia's, Tool's, Mozart's or Lawrence Welk's. It is my belief that most people unfortunately go through life with a limited recognition of the influence that music has on them. Even though most of us financially float a megabillion dollar music industry, I think that most people never consciously think about it. Think about it now. We dance, buy incredible stereo systems, new CDs, make our children take tuba lessons, watch MTV, wait in ticket lines, and hold a belief in the possibility that Morrison and Presley are still alive and sit in running, parked cars to listen to the end of a songs that we love - just because of that magic moment when music causes chills to spread from somewhere deep within, giving us goose bumps. Music motivates us to action. Music directly affects almost everybody's actions at one time or another. It is a natural high that most of us have paid to get. I first listened to the Grateful Dead at college, and immediately slammed my ears closed on what I deemed "country music." U2, REM, the Psychedlic Furs, the Cars and other progressive, early `80s rock and roll were the only stripes that I flew, and proudly. It wasn't until I was taken to a series of 3 shows at the Spectrum in Phila. in September, 1988, that my mind and heart were opened to Jerry's music - what I would call enlightened, quality, mature music. This series of shows planted a seed in my life that eventually grew and intertwined with other aspects of my personal life, including interests, hobbies and relationships. What shocked me about the Dead was the two drummers, the oriental carpets, the zealotry of the fans, the strength and vitality of Bob Weir's stage presence and most of all, the absolute mastery of guitar that Jerry showed. I had no idea he was that good. If that show was a door opening, then the 2nd night of the series was when I walked though it. On the second night, the show was so incredible that every song seemed to run right into one another. I gained a new way of listening, loving and judging music. The Dead seemed to have perfect timing - every one of Phil's huge bass plunks was countered by one of Jerry's high-pitched leads. Brent Mydland had an immense, gruff voice. The drums were steady, persistant and timeless, like the chug of a railroad engine. All of this entertainment was held aloft by the high flying antics of Garcia's guitar, which I saw as a multicolored circus of sound. After the show, we hopped into a old AMC gremlin splattered with tie dye bumper stickers and slammed in The Golden Road - one of the first Dead studio releases. This was more than testosterone-filled, teenage-angst rock. What I used to think of the Dead (like old hippy country music) after that live performance had been transformed into a grooving, melodic rock and roll with a power and soul that I had never heard before. Each lick of Jerry's guitar was a magical gift, like a solitary sunset or glassy, empty ocean swells. Like learning to ski, or like learning to surf, I was incredibly drawn to this new realm of excitement - music - and I had, (by the next night - my 3rd show), made the drop and landed on my two feet flat down square in the middle of the golden road to being a deadhead. The world of the Grateful Dead

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

How to Write a Fight Scene 5 Simple Steps To Action-Filled Fights

How to Write a Fight Scene 5 Simple Steps To Action-Filled Fights How to Write a Fight Scene When tensions are high, honor is questioned, and lives may even be at stake, you know what time it is: time for a killer showdown. You’ve been building toward this explosive moment for pages, maybe your entire book, but now you come to a screeching halt - you have no idea how to write a fight scene!Fortunately, it’s not as complicated as you might think. Follow these 5 simple steps to write a fight scene that releases story tension, solves inter-character conflict, and satisfies the anxious expectations of your reader all at once. How to create a breath-stealing fight scene in just 5 steps Step 1. Motivate your playersWhen was the last time you saw someone start throwing punches out of nowhere? Probably never. Whether it’s over a lifelong grudge or a few heated words at a bar, people need believable motivation to start a fight in both real life and in fiction.Here are a few ideas to motivate your characters’ confrontations. Whichever you choose, use it as the catalyst for your fight scene, as well as to add the necessary layers of depth and complexity.SurvivalSurvival is an important motivation for any character, but especially for protagonists in horror and dystopian novels. For instance, Katniss in The Hunger Games has no choice but to attack and kill her fellow adolescent opponents if she wants to survive. However, this need to survive can escalate any physical fight, such as the gang rumbles in The Outsiders, where someone could pull out a knife at any moment. Just remember: for survival to be a credible character motivation, the situation has to be a bsolutely dire. Have you ever written a fight scene before? How did you do it? Comment below to add your own unique tips!

Monday, March 2, 2020

Avon, Mary Kay and Estee Lauder Resume Animal Testing

Avon, Mary Kay and Estee Lauder Resume Animal Testing In February of 2012, PETA discovered that Avon, Mary Kay, and Estee Lauder had resumed animal testing. The three companies had each been cruelty-free for over 20 years, but since China requires cosmetics to be tested on animals, all three companies now pay for their products to be tested on animals. For a short while, Urban Decay also planned to start animal testing but announced in July of 2012 that they would not test on animals and would not sell in China. While none of these are completely vegan companies, they have been considered cruelty-free because they did not test on animals. Urban Decay takes the extra step of identifying vegan products with a purple paw symbol, but not all Urban Decay products are vegan. Testing cosmetics and personal care products on animals are not required by U.S. law unless the product contains a new chemical. In 2009, the European Union banned cosmetics testing on animals, and that ban went into full effect in 2013. In 2011, U.K. officials announced an intention to ban animal testing of household products, but that ban has not yet been enacted. Avon and Animal Testing Avons animal welfare policy now states: Some select products may be required by law in a few countries to undergo additional safety testing, which potentially includes animal testing, under the directive of a government or health agency. In these instances, Avon will first attempt to persuade the requesting authority to accept non-animal test data. When those attempts are unsuccessful, Avon must abide by local laws and submit the products for additional testing. According to Avon, testing their products on animals for these foreign markets is not new, but it appears that PETA removed them from the cruelty-free list because PETA has become more aggressive advocates in the global arena. Avons Breast Cancer Crusade (funded by Avons popular breast cancer walk) is on the Humane Seal list of approved charities that dont fund animal research. Estee Lauder Estee Lauders animal testing statement reads, We do not conduct animal testing on our products or ingredients, nor ask others to test on our behalf, except when required by law. Mary Kay Mary Kays animal testing policy explains: Mary Kay does not conduct animal testing on its products or ingredients, nor ask others to do so on its behalf, except when absolutely required by law. There is only one country where the company operates – among more than 35 around the world – where that is the case and where the company is required by law to submit products for testing – China. Urban Decay Of the four companies, Urban Decay had had the most support in the vegan/animal rights community because they identify their vegan products with a purple paw symbol. The company even distributes free samples through The Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics, which certifies cruelty-free companies with their Leaping Bunny symbol. While Avon, Mary Kay, and Estee Lauder may have offered some vegan products, they had not specifically marketed those products to vegans and did not make it easy to identify their vegan products. Urban Decay had planned to sell their products in China, but received so much negative feedback, the company reconsidered: After careful consideration of many issues, we have decided not to start selling Urban Decay products in China . . . Following our initial announcement, we realized that we needed to step back, carefully review our original plan, and talk to a number of individuals and organizations that were interested in our decision. We regret that we were unable to respond immediately to many of the questions we received, and appreciate the patience our customers have shown as we worked through this difficult issue. Urban Decay is now back on the Leaping Bunny list and PETAs cruelty-free list. While Avon, Estee Lauder, and Mary Kay claim to oppose animal testing, as long as they are paying for animal tests anywhere in the world, they can no longer be considered cruelty-free.

Friday, February 14, 2020

Political and Cultural Consequences of Neo-Liberalism Essay

Political and Cultural Consequences of Neo-Liberalism - Essay Example This theory suggests that individual entrepreneurial freedom can be achieved inside an institutional framework that is distinguished by strong private property rights, free markets, and free trade. Neo-liberalism, as a theory, requires that the role of the state should be to create and protect the already developed institutional framework. The state, therefore, should set up all the necessary mechanisms such as the military, defence, police, and legal structures to secure such institutions. When this is done, the state would have guaranteed property rights and proper functioning markets. Furthermore, the law of neo-liberalism states that if markets are nonexistent, then the government must create them (Harvey, 2005:1). The state is not supposed to go beyond creation of markets and necessary institutions. This means that the state should not interfere with the markets once created. It should keep a minimal role because according to this theory, the government does not have sufficient knowledge on market undertakings. Moreover, some people in the market may influence state policy for their own gains. Deregulation of market functioning, privatisation of companies, and removal of the government interference have been the strongest terms of neo-liberalism in the world today (Foucault, 2008:2). A neoliberal government is thus committed to instituting and favouring strong individual property rights, effective rule of law for all its citizens, and freely enabled trade. According to the theory, these are the fundamental institutional structures regarded indispensable to guarantee freedom of the market. The market then requires a legal structure that is liberally bargained in terms of contractual efforts among the market players. These contractual obligations between individuals, would lead to the protection of individual rights to freedom of operation, right to expression, and choice. According to the theory of liberalism, therefore, the state has to use its monopoly po wer to supervise and oversee the markets at all costs. On the other hand, while the state ensures individual rights in the marketplace, each person is held accountable and liable for their own wellbeing. The principle of neo-liberalism in many countries has extended into economical, political and social-cultural spheres (Leys, 2001:14). Having neo-liberalism defined in the above discussion, this paper seeks to unveil the political and cultural consequences of neo-liberalism. First, this paper puts the political consequences of neo-liberalism into perspective. Therefore, the political consequences of the theory of liberalism as destroying the global democracy, governance, and security of individuals take centre stage. The political neoliberals have distorted the fundamental pillars of global social organisation. Political neo-liberalism is the interaction between the state organs and individuals to influence choices. It is a form of social structure, which moulds the behaviours and a ctions of individuals. Neo-liberalism as a subset of globalisation has led to neoliberal politics that have caused massive deprivation among the poor in many regions around the world. Moreover, neo-liberalism policies qualify as both positive and negative depending of the degree of application (Leys, 2001:14). Neo-liberalism in most parts of the world has led to the formation of strong fiscal policies. Many governments have had to practice strict criteria in the effort to limit budget deficiencies and debts. Through this practice, most of the states have given priorities to public expenditure. Such that, far from subsidies and other